Characterisation of Exhaust Particulate Emissions from Road Vehicles

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Health effects of particulate emissions from road transport have been of interest for many years. Historically, particulate emissions from road vehicles have been controlled and progressively reduced through legislation based on particulate mass measurement. More recently, interest has extended into more specific characteristics of particle emissions such as size, number, surface area and composition.

The PARTICULATES Consortium was established to develop further knowledge on particulate emissions from motor vehicles, including characterisation of particulate size and number emissions, with current and future vehicles and fuels. The main aims of the project were:

- to increase understanding of particulate emissions from road vehicles,
- to provide a harmonised particulate sampling and measurement methodology,
- to provide input on representative emissions factors for particulates to enhance air quality modelling tools,
- to assess the effectiveness of technical measures for reducing particulate emissions.

This site provides more information about the project and its targets and includes the final Deliverables which are available to download.

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