Towards cleaner biofuels: the influence of biodiesel molecular structure on nanoparticle emissions

ZORAN Ristovski Invitation

Speaker: Prof. Zoran Ristovski, Qeensland University of Technology, Brisbane


Abstract:     Prior to widespread introduction of the biofuels into the transport sector a thorough knowledge of its impact on engine performance and emission will be critical to avoid consumer rejection. While a considerable research has been conducted describing the impact of different transesterified biodiesel fuel types on regulated emissions (i.e., PM, NOx, CO, and HCs) limited information is available addressing the impact of these fuel types on other particle properties that are more specific and relevant for their health effects.

This presentation will look into the influence of biodiesel fuel physical and chemical properties on nanoparticle emissions, their toxicity as well as the ability of biodiesel emissions to contribute to the generation of secondary organic aerosols.


Speaker Biography:  Professor Ristovski is an atmospheric scientist with almost 20 years of experience in the general area of airborne particle pollution working at  Queensland University of Technology. His main areas of interest are in the characterisation of vehicle emission related nanoparticles, their physical and chemical properties, transport in the atmosphere as well as their toxicity. He has conducted a number of projects in this area both for the Australian government as well as private industry. He has extensively published in the area with over 120 journal publications that have attracted over to 2000 citations (h-index of 29). He is a recipient of a number of grants both from the Australian government and industry (over $6 million in total). His research group, currently consisting of 2 postdoctoral fellows and 9 postgraduate students, is a well-established and internationally recognized research group.  Prof. Ristovski was one of the key academics in establishing the Biofuels Engine Research Facility (BERF). He is currently involved in several projects looking at various issues in relation to the utilisation of biofuels.


Venue: 15:30, Mechanical Engineering Bulding, ground floor