LAT provides testing services in the following areas:


  • Emission measurements on engine test benches and chassis dynamometers

Gaseous (CO, HC, NOx, CO2) and particulate emissions are measured on either of the two engine benches or the chassis dynamometer. Legislated driving cycles (NEDC, FTP) or customized driving cycles are performed providing both bag results and instantaneous recordings for each pollutant.


  • Testing of exhaust after-treatment devices (catalysts, diesel particulate filters)

The performance of exhaust after-treatment devices (catalysts, diesel particulate filters) is characterized by custom testing protocols on the engine bench or on the chassis dyno. In this case, the experimental layout is equipped with complete monitoring equipment for the operating parameters of interest (intake & exhaust flow rates, temperatures & pressures at different positions, A/F sensors etc.).


  • Characterization of particulate emissions

A large variety of state-of-the-art sampling and measurement equipment is available for the physical and chemical characterization of particulates. The physical properties include mass and size distribution as well as active surface. Thermogravimetric analysis is also possible for the characterization of chemical activity of pure or catalyzed soot.


  • Testing of fuels and fuel additives

Measurements of octane and cetane numbers of gasoline and diesel fuels can be performed with equipment. The effect of fuel additives on gaseous & particulate emissions as well as on the regeneration performance of diesel particulate traps is also possible either on the engine bench or on the chassis dyno.


  • RDE testing

Measurement of gaseous emissions (CO, CO2, NOx, HC), PN emissions and exhaust flow rate during RDE tests in LDV, LCV and HDV. Two state of the art PEMS units for on board measurement are available.


  • Post processing software

A large variety of post processing tools are used in the lab, either developed in house (VBA, Excel, Matlab) or commercial ones (AVL Concerto, www.avl.com/concerto). Long experience in testing, results in efficient post processing for targeted evaluation of the measurement data produced in the chassis dyno, the engine bench, the synthetic gas bench and in RDE tests.