EMISIA S.A. (https://www.emisia.com/), established in February 2008, is a spin-off company of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki (AUTh) in Greece, and the managements team consists of previous members of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics (LAT). The company specialises in the areas of emission inventorying and modelling, impact assessment studies of transport and environmental policies, and emissions measurements with the use of PEMS systems.


EMISIA staff consists of mechanical, electrical and software engineers with a strong scientific background in the areas of transport emissions and environmental pollution. The focus is given, but is not limited, to transport emissions of all modes (road, rail and aviation). The expertise of the team has been built in a number of projects funded by either the public or the private (industrial) sectors. In addition, the personnel have been involved in a number of studies related to the formulation of environmental policy at a European level.


EMISIA researchers have developed and use specialised methodologies for the estimation of technological development in vehicle fleets and the calculation of pollutant emissions from transport, mainly through their previous involvement in LAT/AUTh. These methodologies have been fully implemented into relevant computer software. In order to estimate the dynamics of the vehicle stock replacement, the FOREMOVE software has been developed, where the lifetime probability functions and new registrations are estimated.


The COPERT software (https://www.emisia.com/utilities/copert/) is the most recognized and widely used tool for road transport emission inventories. This is supported by the European Environment Agency and the Joint Research Centre, while it has been developed, maintained and constantly updated by EMISIA researchers. A dedicated Australian version of COPERT was developed in cooperation with the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts (DSITIA) in Brisbane Australia (https://www.emisia.com/utilities/copert-australia/).


Finally, the combination and enhancement of these software tools led to the development of the SIBYL tool (https://www.emisia.com/utilities/sibyl/) that estimates vehicle stock, energy consumption and air pollutant and GHG emissions up to 2030

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