9 &10 October 2018 - Joint workshop on “Measurement and characterisation of nanoparticle emissions from powertrains” and 2nd annual cluster meeting - Thessaloniki

joint workshop DTT results prof Z Samaras

The Joint workshop of the three nanoparticle research EU projects DOWNTOTENPEMS4NANO and SUREAL-23 took place in 9 & 10 October 2018 in Thessaloniki.

In addition to the three projects, coordinating the event, partners from EU projects on advanced engine development including DiePEr, EAGLE, PAREGEN, THOMSON and UPGRADE presented their recent findings in the respective area. Representatives from EU institutions (DG Research, INEA, EGVIA, EUCAR), as well as US and Japan, also participated.

You can download the presentations and posters here


DownToTen (www.downtoten.com) is a H2020 project aiming at characterising nanoparticle emissions from vehicles. The focus is on particles below 23 nm, a range which is currently not controlled by existing regulations within the EU. This video explains tha approach and the results of the project.